Space Tourism Nears the Launch Pad

It won’t be too much longer before passengers onboard a commercial airline might listen to astronauts instead of airline pilots: "Virgin Galactic this is ground control you’re cleared for launch." Virgin Galactic’s commercial sub-orbital launches will be part of an expanding interest in space tourism.  

It’s just a matter of time before six passengers and two pilots might buckle up for the ride of their life. It’s the latest buzz in space tourism: "Virgin Galactic Updates on Plans for SpaceShipTwo." Passengers will board the White Knight spaceship and soar at an altitude of 140 kilometers (about 87 miles). In this Universe Today report, "Brave passengers will experience five minutes of weightlessness, where they might be allowed to float around the cabin. They’ll have to hurry back to their chairs; however, as they’ll suffer 7Gs of force as the vehicle decelerates back through the atmosphere."