Chet Derby Dead at 91

Chet Derby, a well-known stunt pilot, died Friday at 91. Yet his legend continues to soar in Tehama County, CA. Once called the best acrobatic pilot of his time by Charles Lindbergh, Derby likened the flying men of his era with race car drivers of today.

Derby, no srtanger to close calls, says of the famous photo of him flying upside down beneath the wing of a B-29, that he had closer calls. The B-29’s had arrived early to the airshow. But this photo made Derby famous as a stunt pilot and the photo won the photographer a pulitzer. When it was time to make a movie about Charles Lindbergh, Derby was there. You can catch Derby in action in this Jimmy Stewart film called "The Spirit of St. Louis." The full story by Daily News says, "Historic R.B. stunt pilot passes," but that he is "now flying with the angels."