New Line of General Aviation Headsets

Telex_0061_Stratus30XT.jpg"The pilot’s headset is their connection to the world," says Steve Parker, product manager for Telex Communications. In a new line of general aviation headsets released this month, Telex improves on earlier Stratus and Echelon headsets for increased noise reduction, communication clarity, power management, and comfort.

The Stratus 50 digital headset features 50 decibels of active noise reduction (ANR), upgraded microphone and speaker technology, and improved ear cushions and cups.

The Stratus 30XT features 30 decibels of ANR, a microprocessor-power-management system for 50 hours of battery life, a built-in battery recharger that can be charged in the cockpit, at home or in the car, a cellphone/MP3 adapter, and customizable fit.